Facts About Liposuction You Should Know

Liposuction can be defined as a cosmetic technique used to extract fatty deposits from particular parts of the body. These are fats that refuse to go away no matter the amount of exercising or diet control you undertake. It is a safe procedure that is undergoing a lot of advancements to improve results. The common areas that can undergo liposuction include the stomach, buttocks, and thighs. You should know the facts in this post before contacting your cosmetic surgeon.


A lot of people are said to have come up with liposuction procedures. This makes its history difficult to comprehend. In fact, there is sketchy information that it was first done about a century ago with less satisfactory results.

Side effects

The early attempts at liposuction made patients suffer serious side effects such as numbness and profuse bleeding. Thus, various surgeons started to come up with their techniques. They were revised and fine tuned. Different equipment was used including oscillating blades, bladeless cannulas, and metal cannulas. The negative impact of these procedures is that patients suffered serious consequences when those procedures failed to deliver the expected results.

The common side effects include swelling, infections, bleeding, and modifications in the nerve functions. To ensure its effects are minimal, patients ought to choose only experienced and high qualified liposuction specialists. Risks associated with this procedure can be greatly minimized.


In the 1980s, liposuction underwent various changes thanks to the invention of Tumescent method. It has developed by Dr. Kline, a dermatologist from California. They enabled patients to undergo the procedure under local anesthesia. This resulted in less bleeding and patient’s skin does not appear dimpled.

Laser liposuction

The procedure involves the use of lasers, which liquidate fat before it is removed. The good about this procedure is that it is less invasive and the natural production of collagen minimizes post-op sagging skin. Moreover, the laser used for this procedure can cause bleeding and be bruising as it breaks blood vessels.

Removes cellulite

Cellulite is caused by fat cells that are pushed through collagen connective tissues. Cellulite appearance is related to the skin’s surface having dimpled appearance. This condition is quite common among women. This is because they do not have tighter collagen mesh as compared to men. Unfortunately, liposuction aids the removal of cellulite in both men and women. However, it is not a permanent cure for cellulite. This is because cellulite its removal is dependent on various factors such as genetics.