Five Natural Supplements For Candida Albicans

There are several candida albicans treatment guidelines you need to follow to eliminate the problem completely. Before you start to treat yeast infections, it is important to undergo bioresonance therapy. After this, you will be placed on a treatment program.

There are several infections, which you will have to deal with in your lifetime. The bacterial infections are quite dangerous. This fungus is found in the intestinal tract in human beings. They are also found in the vaginal tract in women. The fungus does not fight against Candida Albicans 1cause any form of infection in a healthy individual. However, it is very bothersome in individuals that are predisposed to develop fungal infections. The Candida Albicans is one of the opportunistic infections that can cause ailments. There are various reasons that can cause the infection.
During the program you can use the following natural supplements:

Grapefruit seed extract
This is known as GSE. It is one of strongest antifungals that are ever known to man. It is used as both in liquid and tablet form. Liquid forms are quite versatile and can be used both for purifying and gargling water. It can also be used in washing clothes in the laundry. You are advised to take at least eight drops, two times a day.

This is a supplement used to treat several ailments. It is effective against fungal infections and the free radicals. Therefore, it is a great treatment for Candida Albicans. In most cases, garlic is known as super food as it preserves the cells against the free radical damage. You should at least take 500mg, three times every day.

This is another supplement that takes the fight against Candida Albicans. The bacteria produce hydrogen peroxide that oxidizes fight against Candida Albicans 2infectious organisms like the yeast infection. This is good bacteria that boosts your immune system. It also helps synthesize vitamins in the body.

Oil of Oregano
This is a natural supplement that treats Candida Albicans. It has anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral as well. If you are suspecting that you have this infection, you should use the product. It will reduce the damage that is caused by the infection.


Apple vinegar is a quite effective anti-fungal product, which is quite effective against vaginal yeast infections. It can be used daily by adding it to drinks and salads. The supplement is quite effective in the fight against Candida.