Holistic Dentistry – Safe Way To Perfect Smile

Nothing is more beautiful, welcoming, inviting, and reveals your health like a warm smile. In fact, that is the way you need to keep it. That is where Fremont Dentist Preet K. Sahota, DDS excels. Nowadays, many people are turning to cosmetic dentistry to ensure their teeth is straight, decay free, and white.

You should note that dentistry is more than healthy teeth. It involves protecting the health of your gums and health of your body. For instance, periodontal disease has been found to be Holistic dentistry 40related to heart problems and poorly aligned teeth. Moreover, poorly aligned teeth can cause digestive problems. There are many health problems whose causes can be traced to one or other dental problem.

Holistic dentistry is when a dentist treating a patient considers the whole patient, including the lifestyle, spirit, mind, and the body. When the dentist develops treatment program, it is aimed at enhancing the overall well-being and health and not just the health of their teeth. In so doing, the patient pays particular attention to the immune system of the body.

Holistic dentists work to minimize the need for the patient to undergo harmful treatment procedures such as X-rays, by using alternative diagnosis and low emission equipment. Moreover, they can fill your cavities by using non-toxic materials like resins instead of mercury amalgam. They also offer a routine service to remove amalgam fillings and carry out detoxification for any remaining mercury deposition.

Recent studies show that amalgam fillings, also known as silver Holistic dentistry 41fillings, may have a health risk to many people. This is the case if the patient has teeth that are sensitive to chemicals. Moreover, exposure to mercury even in low volumes can affect the kidney functioning and brain functioning. Therefore, because of such reasons, dentists are advised against using amalgam fillings. If you have your old filings, they need to be removed. You need a qualified dentist that can assess the compatibility of other materials.

The majority of holistic dentists are against the use of fluoride by human beings. Fluoride is found in treated water and toothpaste. This is because this substance is known to be harmful and toxic even in low amounts. Studies that supported the use of fluoride in water have been found to have flaws. Moreover, recent studies have little benefit.

Holistic dentists participate in complementary health care. They also work in collaboration with many other holistic health care practitioners.