How to stop snoring

To Stop Snoring, You Must Understand Why You Start Storing.
If a “chainsaw in a tub of jello” noise has been keeping you up at night, the chances are that you are just screaming that you want to stop snoring now. Or maybe it’s someone in the bed with you that has the problem. Either way, how can this be done? Do stop snoring devices that you see advertised work? Is surgery your only option to get you to stop snoring?

Listen to Your Doctor

If your doctor has told you that you absolutely must have surgery, then you should listen to him or her. But for many, there are other options to help them to stop snoring long before it’s necessary even to visit a doctor. And yes, some of those devices you see advertised do seem to work well, for some people that are.

Understanding Why You Snore

2222lkjjThe real key to getting you to stop snoring is to understand why it happens in the first place. For many people, they simply sleep in a position that causes their head to fall back and their mouth to fall open. When they breathe through their mouth, their throat gets dry, and they begin to make the sound we call snoring. In this case, the best way to stop snoring is to keep the head from falling back.

This might mean a so-called snore pillow which cradles your head and neck and keeps it in proper alignment. You might also consider piling some pillows under one side of you so that you can’t roll over on your back and will be forced to sleep on your side or stomach.

Others cannot stop snoring because their nasal passages are constantly clogged so no matter what position they’re in they’re going to start breathing through their mouth when they sleep. If this is you why are your sinuses clogged? If you have chronic sinus problems, you should probably see a doctor for asthma, allergies, collapsing nasal passages or any other problem causing your sinuses to clog. You can’t stop snoring if you can’t breathe properly and you can’t breathe properly if you don’t unclog your nose.

It may not be as easy for someone with a medical condition or concern to unclog their nasal passages as it is for others. If you just have a cold or it’s very dry in your home, a bit of eucalyptus or menthol rub might do the trick or a mentholated cough drop before you go to bed may be sufficient (being sure to finish it completely before you go to sleep so as to reduce a choking hazard). But if it’s allergies or some chronic respiratory problem this needs to be addressed by a doctor.

So What’s Right For You

3333lkjhFor yourself, the only way that you’ll be able to stop snoring is if you figure out what’s causing it in the first place. Be honest with yourself about your respiratory health overall. If you can’t breathe during the day, of course, you won’t be able to breathe at night. It may be time to see an allergist or to try some menthol oil on your nose before you go to bed.

If you want to stop snoring you must understand it and stop it before it starts.